FC Welcome

Thank you for taking an interest in the Delta Alpha Chapter's signature philanthropic endeavor - Fireman's Challenge (FC). For the last eleven years, the gentlemen of the Delta Alpha Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity have worked both diligently and endlessly to raise funds and spread awareness for the DC Firefighter's Burn Foundation - a local, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured firefighters and burn patients in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.

With help from the wonderful GW Panhellenic sororities, PIKE alumni, parents and friends, GW PIKE's have raised over $300K in the last eleven years for the Burn Foundation, an accomplishment we hold dear to our hearts. For us, Fireman's Challenge is more than community service hours logged into a database or awards presented at the end of the year. FC is a manifestation of the values we espouse: achievement with integrity, service and leadership. That is why the gentlemen of the Delta Alpha Chapter have put in so much effort for this worthy cause.

While we do take our mission of raising money for the Burn Foundation extremely seriously, PIKE also ensures that an element of fun is involved. The actual Fireman's Challenge event, in the spring of each academic year, puts all GW Panhellenic sororities in direct competition with each other. Several contests are held over a week during which the sororities are tested in their resourcefulness, creativity and athleticism. The competition culminates in the main event, a Field Day held at the end of the week, where the sororities act as firefighters and participate in multiple events aimed at mirroring the very training firefighters go through in their training. Members of the DC Fire Department are present at field day and serve as referees for the events. The ultimate winner of Fireman's Challenge is determined based on points accumulated during the week, which can be earned by winning events and raising the most funds.

We welcome you to join our cause. All money raised during the week goes directly to the DC Firefighter's Burn Foundation, where it will be spent educating the community on fire safety, researching quality of life improvements for burn victims and maintaining a summer camp for children who were injured in fires. I hope you take the time to visit their website, javascript:nicTemp();, and learn more about Fireman's Challenge, the DC Firefighter's Burn Foundation and our goal of raising awareness for burn victims.

If you are interested in donating to or getting involved with Fireman's Challenge 2019 and the DC Firefighter's Burn Foundation, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us via the email address listed below. As we get closer to FC week, a link will be posted to the main page of this website.

All the best,
Joey Valazquez and Mike Petteruti
Fireman's Challenge Co-Chiefs, 2018-2019